How to Make a Delicious Antioxidant Drink Mix for Your Good Health

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There is a quest to find out the ways of living a healthy life and how to enjoy good health in the modern world so the use of antioxidant drink is one of the popular ways in this regard. There is a whole spectrum of benefits that one can get by using an antioxidant drink due to the nutritional value and the function it performs in the body.

Why People Use Antioxidant Drink?

As mentioned above this drink offers a large number of benefits to the body and plays an active role to maintain optimal health so people make use of it to enjoy good health. Natural food items included in a healthy and balanced diet plan supply antioxidant in the body, but using a drink ensures that a sufficient amount of antioxidants is provided to the body.

It’s an established fact that antioxidants help the body to get rid of free radicals which cause damage to the cells of the body. The greatest benefit your skin gets from antioxidants is that the process of aging becomes slower and you enjoy youthful skin for long. There is a complete range of antioxidant drink mix available in the market, but you can make your own drink at home as well.

How to Make an Antioxidant Drink Mix?

The recipe to make a delicious drink for getting a good amount of antioxidants is given below

  1. Get berries or you can get a mixture of them. The type of berries you can choose according to your choice and taste. There is an option to get frozen or fresh berries. The colorful fruits are richer in antioxidants so you can choose the berries accordingly.
  2. Put a handful of berries in a blender.
  3. Add water in it according to the need glass of water is enough for a handful of berries.
  4. Add a few cubes of ice in the drink, although blending ice can be a bit tough but just do I for a while.
  5. You can add additional nutrients in it by adding a protein powder etc. to have more benefits from a single ring.

You can choose any other fruit instead of berries according to your choice such as strawberries are also rich in antioxidants and can be used to make a delicious antioxidant drink mix to expel the free radicals from the body.

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