The Sporting Dogs and Dog Breeds Different Between Each Others

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The Sporting dogs Group or Gundog Groups are the most recognizable of all the breeds. The dogs are obedient and intelligent, easily trained, and are excellent for outdoor activities.

There are many breeds in this group ranging from the Cocker Spaniel, and other spaniels, to the Pointers, Setters, Retrievers, Griffons, and Well manners. The common points of this group are that they very easy-going (although there may be slight variations), and they are eager to please.

I think most everyone is familiar with the Irish setter. This is a very beautiful dog with a long, silky deep chestnut coat. This breed needs a lot of grooming and a great deal of outdoor exercise. The Irish setter actively seeks out other dogs to play with and just enjoys life.

The Golden Retriever is a dog of many talents. Aside from his natural retrieving abilities, this dog is also used as a Seeing Eye dog and in other services to man. He also makes an excellent addition to the family and he is ever so gentle with adults and children.

The Golden Retriever is very easy to train, but he loses interest quickly if not sufficiently stimulated. Dog retrieval toys are perfect for this energetic, fun-loving dog.

Also, Most of these non sporting dogs have been bred and trained primarily as household pets and companions. This doesn’t mean, however, that those dogs in this group don’t still show great bravery and skill as hunters and retrievers.

There are so many dogs that fit into the non-sporting category such as the Bulldog, Chow, Dalmatian, German Spits,  and Keeshond (just to name a few) that I am going to just touch on a few today. I think most everyone is familiar with the Poodle. They come in three sizes, Standard, Miniature, and Toy, and a number of whole colors (white, cream, apricot, blue, silver, chocolate, and black).

They are unusual in that they have a single coat. They also most often require professional grooming to keep their coat manageable and healthy although daily home grooming will help between groomer visits. They are very intelligent and can be taught all kinds of tricks.

Also in this group is the Japanese Spitz. This dog breed arrived in Europe around twenty years ago, but it is already well established. This dog breed has a very thick coat, but usually only requires daily combing and brushing using supplies in a dog grooming kit. This dog is very affectionate and alert.

The French Bulldog is the French version of the British Bulldog. They love exercise and make a charming house dog. Because of their short coat, this dog is very easily groomed using the different kinds of dog combs and dog brushes available. These dogs can weigh up to 28 lbs. but they are sturdy, compact dogs.

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