The Real Barn Wedding and Vintage Props for Your Wedding

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The town is called Independence. I get crushes on small towns so easily. Though I have no desire to leave the city, I fantasize about small-town life. Where I’d live in a sweet house like the one below and have a wedding in a barn, not because it’s trendy but because that’s where weddings in small towns happen. Of course, I have no idea if that’s the way it is really. But really, the wedding below is so sweet. And you know when you see pictures and you imagine the lives those people must live.

Well, I imagine this is like America’s Sweethearts growing up in Independence. Still friends with everyone from high school wishing well upon everyone. Definitely knows what’s most important in life and how to enjoy it. It’s about small things, like eating donuts with those you love. Because, yes, sugar is horrible for you and white flour can be the worst but in the end, it doesn’t really matter, and sharing sugar is possibly one of the best ways to make great memories. You tell me what you see. Click through the link to view the entire set.

If you’ve rented a big empty space for your wedding, you’ll want to consider the ways in which to fill it. Or maybe you’ve already looked at your basic event rental companies and felt a little too boxed in. One super lovely way to fill space is using a vintage rental company, like this one located in Idaho. People don’t want to be limited to just their tables at a reception. It can be fun to set up different social areas. I love it when I see a comfy furniture set-up for guests to relax in. For me, photography is the most important wedding vendor.

But aside from your actual wedding vows, first kiss, first dance, and cake cutting – you want beautiful pictures and one way to make pretty pictures is by having pretty things to photograph in the first place. Or just pretty things in the background. I know that’s not what the marriage is all about but looking at pretty pictures makes me so happy. Just look at the gorgeous photos below shot by Stephanie Mballo. What would make them even better is if it was you and your own loved ones? Happy Memorial Day weekend friends! We’re off camping with Jack for the first time.

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