Another Technology is Introducing You to Image Retouching

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Photographers have limited control over reflections, location, unsightly backgrounds, and other imperfections. Digital editor’s technology improves these photos’ composition. Retouching is more than correcting skin imperfections or removing blemishes.

Outdoor Photography

Think about photos taken of fashion models in outdoor settings during the day. These use natural light, which changes throughout the day as the sun moves through the sky. Although a photographer can reposition their camera and change the place where the model is standing, this is really all he can do to take advantage of the natural light he’s given.

Improve Image Clarity by Retouching Outdoor Shots

When you hire someone to retouch the photos you take during an outdoor photoshoot you’ll remove any reflections in things like glass windows. You can also boost the light level when you have images with fading light levels. This will help your fashion model stand out from the background they’re photo is taken against.

Additionally, adjusting the luminance of all photography is also possible. Editors simply use a black and white layer that increases the soft light balance. This is especially helpful when you want to change the way the background looks.

Bringing out Your Model’s best in Your Photograph

Editors use tools in software like Adobe Photoshop to remove blemishes – anything from wrinkles in the model’s skin to damage to your archived photos. Brightening skin, altering hair color, removing freckles, slimming faces, and even adding cool reflections in the sunglasses a model is wearing are all possible.

These are just a few of the things you can do. Editors can also add a discreet tattoo on the inside of a model’s neck, applying different makeup to them, and bringing out even more color in the model’s cheeks. All of these things help enhance the quality of the final photo — the one you’re preparing to print online or in a magazine.


When you’re getting together the final shot, photo-realism is really important. By using different retouching techniques your editor can make the fashion model in your photograph look just right and clean up any of the backgrounds you use. Once they do these things, the photographs look true to life. This is important because anything that looks unnatural in a still photo will stick out like a sore thumb.

Of course, this is a sure way of ruining your photograph’s overall impression. While the photo can look better than life when you compare it to the original still photo, when it’s viewed by the human eye, you still need the final image still to look natural. When it doesn’t, the retouching process hasn’t worked to give the image a true-life appearance.

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