6 Questions to Ask When Looking at a Display Home

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Display homes are designed to showcase all the other houses that are going up for sale in a new neighborhood. However, if you’re like many potential homeowners, you’ve walked into more than one display house and fallen instantly in love. Whether it’s a modular home, a condo, or some other piece of real estate, display homes are perfect in every way, so it would seem.

Many potential homeowners don’t realize that some builders have their display houses for sale to anyone who is interested. However, before you get too excited and rush out to make an offer on a tiny house before other buyers can, read on for a few question you should ask when looking at a display home you’re considering buying for yourself.

1. What is included in the home?


Remember a display home is built to showcase the product at it’s very best, so there are going to be many extras and top-of-the-line fittings in that home. You want to know exactly what is included in the home before you make an offer because the builder might intend to take some of those extras out and you don’t even know it.

2. What are the total costs?


Even when you’re buying a display home, you need to know what the total cost is going to be. Is it going to be higher because it’s a display home? Typically, the cost of a home includes everything from the appraisal to the closing costs and the inspection. Is this also true for display homes? Ask to be sure.

3. How much are the nearby homes selling for?


It’s important to find out what the nearby homes in the neighborhood are selling for also. You want to ensure that you’re not being charged double just because you’re purchasing the display home. If the display home is going to be the most expensive home in the neighborhood you’re going to need to know why that is.

4. What else is in the neighborhood?


While you may love the display home you’re looking at, and while the neighborhood it’s in might seem like a good one, you’re still going to want to know what else is in the neighborhood and what is close to it as well. The last thing you want is a bar down the street or another high-crime area right on your doorstep, especially if you have children you want to raise in a family-oriented environment. You can also research the neighborhood yourself to see if it’s the place you want to raise a family.

5. Who are your neighbors going to be?img

Just because the display home is amazing it doesn’t mean your neighbors are going to be amazing as well. Are the neighboring properties well-taken care of? Do you see children playing in the yard? Is the neighborhood loud or peaceful? These are things you’ll want to ask about and think about before making a final decision.

6. Can you afford any modifications that are needed to make the house your home?


While this isn’t a question for the realtor you’re going through or the sales center it is one that you should be asking yourself. Are you happy with the tiny porch on the display home? If not, then you’re going to have to build onto it yourself. Do you need more bedrooms? If you can’t afford the modifications you think you might need, then it’s best to look at another home.

These are just a few of the questions you should ask when you’re looking at a display home. Once those questions are answered, then you can decide whether to make an offer or keep on looking for your dream home instead.

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